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Related Sources

By launching, opening, viewing, executing, accessing or modifying any applications, downloads, documents, files or information on the VengefulStory network you hereby agree to the Terms of Service and all of its contained statements and parameters.By viewing this website, registering, or deciding to join the VengefulStory online community; I automatically agree that I will abide by the VengefulStory Code Of Conduct and The Rules In-Game.


  • Upon character creation, I will not choose usernames which contain innapropriate terms or slang - wether it be related to sex, race, religion , or anything which may cause offence or upset to any player. This will result in either my character being deleted and if the same username is remade permanently blocked from the game, or permanently blocked from the game first strike, depending on the severity of the username.

  • Upon character creation, I will not choose usernames which resemble or are a direct copy of the VengefulStory Game Masters IGNs. Impersonators will be removed without hesitation.

  • I will respect and show courtesy to all other players and staff members - threatening, harassing, cursing, or any verbal assault towards any other players or staff members is a top offence. The Game Masters will not allow certain individuals to make any other users gameplay and/or online experience unenjoyable.

  • I will not publicly use foul, offending, sexual or discriminating language towards any other player and/or in megaphones. Cursing/swearing publicly and/or in megaphones is a jailable/bannable offence depending on the severity, so I will keep all my foul language to my personal/buddy chat. This is a child-friendly game, and anybody who broadcasts unnecessary profanities will be punished accordingly.

  • I will not use any unauthorized 3rd party programs that directly/indirectly interfere with the gameplay of the server which allows me to gain an unfair advantage in any way. This will result in an instant ban.

  • I will carry full and sole responsibility of my accounts security - if I give out my id, username or password, I am putting my account in jeopardy of being stolen.

  • I will not share accounts. If an account is banned for rule-breaking, any IP addresses that have accessed it at any point in time are also blocked. So if I share accounts, I am risking my own IP address being blocked from the game.

  • My internet connection and download speeds are my problems. I will not broadcast messages in-game claiming I am suffering from "lag", or that my downloads are "taking too long". If I do not enjoy the game, I will simply log off and find another private server nearer to me. If I add to my in-game "lag" by sending unnecessary messages, the Game Masters will simply remove me themselves.

  • In accessing these web pages, I agree that any downloading of content is for personal, non-commercial reference only. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of the Website Owner. All aspects of this web site - design, text, graphics, applications, software, underlying source code and all other aspects - are copyright and its affiliates or content and technology providers.

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